Our services

Accounting and auditing

Our experienced accountants combine knowledge of your business with technical expertise to ensure that all statutory obligations are met. We offer a fast, efficient and commercial service which is focused on tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Book-keeping and preparation of management accounts, We offer a range of services, including invoice generation, payments to suppliers, handling expenses, management of financial ledgers and the creation of financial statements and preparation and submission of annual accounts and Director's Report.

Preparation and filing of statutory accounts. Every Thai company is required by law to maintain accounting records in order that all financial transactions carried out by the company can be identified, whether the company is trading or not. Our experienced team can handle the most complex statutory obligations, including account preparation and corporate tax filing.

Appointment of a Thai auditor, in conjunction with our partners, we can offer an audit service for your company.

Tax consultation

Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. As a part of your overall business strategy, tax matter is not difficult to understand and make it correct. Make it correct according to the tax regulations smooth your business and plan your tax liabilities in the future. Our tax services are;

• Monthly tax filing
• Consulting local tax issues
• Tax planning
• Preparing and filing corporate income tax


• Any tax issues are correctly solved on time
• Monthly relevant tax are correctly filed
• Corporate income tax are correctly and timely filed
• Save tax expense by understanding tax regulations and use the benefit from regulations

Payroll services

• Calculating personal tax liability according to the Company calendar
• Preparation and provision of pay cheques or direct deposits through employee’s accounts
• Preparation and issuance of payroll slip

Business registration

We are able on all aspects of business activities, such as setting-up, registration, amendment to the company structure likes changes of Directors, shareholders, company objectives, address etc.

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