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Based in the heart of Chiang Rai, ACCT Concept has helped hundreds of businesses, all over Thailand manage their accounting and tax obligations, enabling our clients to get back to what they do best, running successful businesses. We use the latest technology to manage everything online, so it doesn’t matter where our clients are located, they can receive the premier accountancy services that ACCT Concept offers with ease. 

"This is the digital era. We pride ourselves on our digital accountancy service being seamless, efficient, reliable and confidential." Founder - Damrongsak Jong

As an all-in-one, Western-friendly accountant, admin management, and financial consulting service we are able to make sure that no matter what our clients need in the accounting or financial space, we are able to take care of it. From paralegal services to managing their Payroll, ACCT Concept is the ideal choice for hundreds of businesses all across Thailand and Internationally.

We have specialist accountants for whatever your specific need is, whether it’s International tax consulting or specific Bangkok business regulations we are the experts. To see how we can help your business thrive. Contact us today and get a free consultation.

The benefits of outsourcing your accounting to ACCT concept?

  • Like most countries, Thailand has many specific legal requirements and tax regulations when it comes to accounting, that must be adhered to exactly. So rather than risk any issues, let the experts take care of it. 
  • A good accountant should never cost you a penny, they should save you more than they cost. Having it handled by the experts will usually mean much more favorable tax liability when it comes to paying tax in Thailand. 
  • Depending on your needs outsourcing your accountancy, is often significantly cheaper than hiring someone for a full-time wage to carry out the task, or multiple full-time staff. 
  • A good accountant should never cost you a cent, they should save you and make you more than they cost. Having it handled by the experts will usually mean much more favorable tax liability when it comes to paying tax in Thailand. Our service is designed around this mindset. 
  • We know the best and easiest to use accounting software to use. We will recommend you use certain software to help make your reporting and recording receipts much easier. You can then send us, or allow us access to the records and we can seamlessly manage your accounting needs from this.
  • If most of the accounting functions are in the hands of one or two people, your business is at greater risk of mistakes and fraud.  Moving your accounting to third-party experts reduces these risks. We will be able to identify if and where there are problems, flagging errors, and notifying you of any errors. 

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