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The role of a financial accountant these days is much more than the production of financial statements and accounting documents, to ensure all legal and tax obligations are met. In the new digital age and increasingly competitive and globalized marketplace, a higher standard of accounting and financial data is required to fully optimize your organization’s overall performance. ACCT Concept is that higher standard.

"This is the digital era. We pride ourselves on our digital accountancy service being seamless, efficient, reliable and confidential." Founder - Damrongsak Jong

Offering a comprehensive and expert level of financial consulting with a broad range of business types, we are the number one choice for hundreds of clients across Thailand, seeking the best in financial consulting.

We’ve provided financial consulting services for clients from all over the world including Europe, the USA, China, Thailand, and much more. We’ve provided solutions for a broad spectrum of requirements, including individual ex-pats who needed financial and investment consulting, to large multi-national conglomerates. Nothing is too big or small for our specialist financial advisors and are we are always happy to help.

Our Most Popular Financial Consultancy Services

Whether a foreign national or a local Thai person looking to invest in Thailand. If it’s a decent-sized investment, it’s always best to have an investment consultant that has experience in the field and can advise on how this will impact not only your tax and legal obligations but also consult on where and how to invest your money best.

If you are looking to invest in Thailand as a foreigner it can be a difficult landscape to navigate alone. However, with the correct financial and investment consultant on your side, it can really open up some amazing and exciting opportunities.

Whether a large company or a single person, financial planning is an essential service for anyone who really wants to optimize and maximize their financial earning potential.

When interested in buying or selling assets it’s always best to consult with your financial consultant to obtain expert advice on the matter and understand the financial and tax ramifications it may have. If you are thinking of buying or selling some of your assets get in touch today for a free consultation.

Before any major life-changing event such as marriage, retirement, divorce, job, or career change, it is always best to arrange a meeting with your financial consultant to gain an in-depth understanding of how this will affect your net worth and assets now and down the line.

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